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Pinkcoin Kicks Off 2019 with Digital Art Contest Featuring a 100k PINK Grand Prize

“Get your Popcorn Ready; Memes, Music, All Forms of Digital Art are Welcome as Submissions”

To celebrate nearly 50% of Pinkcoin’s staked blocks containing side-staked donation outputs, and the mega success of Flashstake 2.0, Pinkcoin is holding another coveted Digital Art / Meme contest. The grand prize is large enough to participate in Flashstake 2.0, so even a zero balanced PINK holder is just one witty meme from scoring 100,000 Pinkcoin!


  • Submissions should be Digital Art: (memes, gifs, videos, music, graphic design ect)

  • Submissions should be related to: ( Pinkcoin, Pinkcoin’s Features–Side-Staking–Flash-Staking 2.0–Headlamp–Twitter Tip Bot, Donate4Life, the Pink Ethos, Past Donation Drive Campaigns, the Pink Community, Pink Core-Team Members, Pinkcoin Partners,ect )

  • Submissions must be tagged “$PINK, #Pinkcoin” on Twitter

  • Submittors must have ReTweeted the Announcement Tweet from Pinkcoin Official to help spread the word!

  • Multiple Submissions are Welcome

  • Submissions will be voted on by the Pinkcoin Core-Team after one month.

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will be selected, as well as 4 Runner-ups (additional runner-ups may be added with extensive participation)

  • Grand Prize will begin at 100,000 PINK, Donations to the Prize Pool are more than Welcome

  • (4) Runner-Ups are Invited to Compete in a Pink Wars Tournament with (4) Core-Team members for a 50k PINK Consolation prize. (additional runner-ups and Core-Team members may be added to the Pink Wars Tourney with extensive participation)

  • If a Core-Team member wins the Pink Wars Tourney they will select their favorite Runner-up as Winner of the 50k PINK Consolation Prize.

The Prize Pool is now open! Feel free to beef up the Grand Prize with side-stakes / donations and encourage more submissions, have fun and good luck:


Template Collage TU



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Nearly 50% of Pinkcoin’s Staked Blocks Contain Side-Staked Donation Outputs, Plus More Exciting Network Statistics

To Celebrate, PINK kicks off the New Year with a Digital Arts / Meme Contest worth over 100k PINK in prizes


That’s right you heard clearly. Nearly half of the PINK network’s active staking community is utilizing the most altruistic technology known to crypto: Side-Staking. If you missed all the Side-Staking hype have no fear; it’s the simple and beautiful concept of donating your staking rewards automatically to 1, 10, or even 100 other PINK wallets of choice, all free of transaction fees. Every donation is voluntary and simplified for even first-day crypto users to easily fine tune their staked rewards to share with others. Utilizing Side-Staking features, any PINK wallet holder can donate an adjustable percentage of their staked returns to their entire family, friends, or even a noble stranger.


Courtesy of the legendary wizard of the ages, the honorable pink-town hero, Astrych, several key PINK network statistics have been mapped out for the Pink Community to explore and enjoy. Below, the total percentage of staked returns which contain blocks with Side-Stake transactions has been charted out. Pinkcoin has currently surpassed 40% of staked blocks containing donations for other PINK users, and is currently making a run to surpass 50%, a new all time record! Bears bring out the cares in these parts.


Billy Mays meme

As you may remember, last fall came the debut of the much anticipated FPoS 2.0 update, which aimed to free up more PoS rewards for moderate wallet holders while cutting back on the computing power necessary for larger staking balances. To accomplish this, FPoS 2.0 requires 100k PINK coin blocks to participate; rewards are 50% larger as well as more frequently rewarded during FPoS hours. To offset the imbalance, FPoS 2.0 is only active for 4 hours each day. Below is a chart which compares the average PoS difficulty with the average FPoS 2.0 difficulty. The results show that a heavy influx of husky PINK users have begun solely targeting FPoS 2.0 stakes; difficulty has increased steadily over the past 100 days, and continues to climb. The more that coin blocks on the network are combined into 100k chunks to target FPoS 2.0 rewards, the more the overall coin weight that had been competing with sub-100k balances is reset, allowing more opportunities for PoS rewards to be earned by moderate holders. As demonstrated by the chart below, PoS difficulty has continued to lower over the past 100 days, steadily freeing up more PoS rewards exclusively for moderate PINK wallets.

cross mellow

Zooming out all the way, using the chart below, we can see that although the average difficulty of FPoS has increased since the FPoS 2.0 update in Oct ’18, the average FPoS difficulty since it’s debut in April ’17 has been significantly reduced. For huskier wallet balances, FPoS 2.0 is freeing up a magnitude of computing power that is now no longer necessary.

tac final flash stake 2

Even more cool statistics and charts can be found by visiting the wizards lab on GitHub. Huge shout-out to Astrych for making these statistics easy to read and readily available for the Pink Community!

Put your thinking caps on and keep your seatbelts strapped, to bring in the New Year and celebrate the success of Side-Staking and Flash-Stake 2.0, Pinkcoin will be rocking out a second signature Meme / Digital Arts Contest, and dishing up over 100k PINK in prizes. Official details and more prizes will be announced in 7 days to kick off the start of festivities.

General Breakdown to Pre-Game Ahead of the Contest’s Official Launch:

  • Submissions should be Digital Art: (memes, gifs, videos, music, graphic design ect)
  • Submissions should be related to: ( Pinkcoin, Pinkcoin’s Features–Side-Staking–Flash-Staking 2.0, Headlamp, Twitter Bot, Pink Ethos, Past Donation Drives Campaigns, the Pink Community, Pink Core-Team Members, Pinkcoin Partners, ect )
  • Submissions must be tagged “$PINK, #Pinkcoin” on Twitter (so get a Twitter account if you don’t have one already)
  • Submissions will be voted on by the Pinkcoin Core-Team after one month.
  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will be selected, as well as 4 Runner-ups
  • Multiple submissions are welcome
  • Grand Prize will begin at 100k PINK
  • Additional prizes, prize pool donation addresses, and more competitions will be announced when the contest officially begins next week

Below are some examples from 2017’s Digital Arts Contest, more examples will be available upon the contest’s official launch. Stay tuned and good luck!

Bob Ross Meme_preview



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CryptoCayce Featured on Not Another Bitcoin Interview

Plus PINK debuts on Blockfolio and the Re-Launch of Nova Exchange

CryptoCayce has a phenomenal interview with Kenn Bosak of Not Another Bitcoin Interview, highlighting what PINK has accomplished, and shares a sneak peak of future goals for the network. Check it out below!

Download the Blockfolio App on your smart phone today and add PINK to get updates direct from the core-team of PINK.

Pinkcoin is being listed on the debut of the new Nova Exchange, details below.

The waiting is OVER! Nova re-launch date is here. Registrations will open. Deposits will open. Withdrawals will open. New listings will happen. In short, Nova Standard Crypto Exchange will open for business on 3 December!!! A lot of friends of Nova have been very patient with us and we couldn’t be more grateful for that. Also, we couldn’t be more happy with the work we have done and we definitely couldn’t be more proud of the team! The developers, the architects, the global support staff, the moderators, everybody, great work, great job. -Nova Exchange 

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Attention: Mandatory Wallet Update


Update takes effect on Sunday, adds new 51% attack resistant code, resolves issue related to forking/syncing, and removes the checkpoint dependent hotfix in previous update. Stay classy and update to as soon as possible. For questions come visit our #help channel on Discord. Wallet Update Link





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Team PINK takes on da’Bears at Voice of Blockchain in Chicago

Pinkcoin Showcases Donate4Life, Announces Upcoming Wallet Features. Plus, Highlights from PINK’s Keynote Voice of Blockchain Panelists, CryptoCayce and Caligo!

Having been showcased at three crypto/charity events already in just over a year, a fourth event is now under the belt of an increasingly seasoned, cheerfully campaigning grassroots Pinkcoin team. Going all out for round #4, Pinkcoin’s core-members convened in high spirits, this time in the Windy City, at Voice of Blockchain in Chicago.

Delighted to finally make new memories, talking crypto face-to-face with the PINK fam, the renown core-crew once again dawned their PINK threads to spread the good word, highlighting how PINK is building the groundworks for crypto philanthropy, paving the way for impacting social good, and how PINK will soon be catching eyes in a neighborhood near you!

As with all events sporting Pinkcoin on its roster, the super-human mastermind and architect of the ages, Elypse, made sure PINK’s booth was decked out to the max: vibrant banners, flyers, wristbands, and all of the best swag a crypto-fan could take home. Along with the meme-magister Ree bringing in a live feed to showcase Donate4Life, Navy Pier has never looked more pleasant tricked-out by pink love.

DSC_0957Not unlike BlockCon 2017 in Santa Monica, crypto-advocates from every walk of life stopped though Navy Pier to make introductions, mingle with the PINK fam, and share in enlightening and friendly blockchain chit-chat. Most notably to pace through the convention, slighting past the ICO token riff-raff, were the bountiful crowds– savoring to hit up the booth of all booths. From veteran fanatics to first-timers–stirring up their curiosity with each peak at the pinkest, most blinging coin showcased at the entire Voice of Blockchain event (maybe ever to hit Navy Pier)–to locals and tourists from half-way across the world, even long time fans of the project stopped by to tip their hats at the dream team that is the Pinkcoin community.

The icing on the cake came later when Caligo and Cryptocayce each spoke on two of the most reputable panels at Voice of Blockchain. With Cayce point guarding, representing PINK on the panel for crypto philanthropy–discussing the unmatched proficiency blockchain technology provides for charitable causes–Caligo suited up as linebacker participating as a panelist detailing various governance and consensus models in crypto. It was there that a silent bomb was dropped on an earnest crowd; the renown Pink Beast, Caligo, spilled the beans and dished out a sneak peak of what is in store for the near future of Pinkcoin.

That’s right, you heard it live at Voice of Blockchain, a new voting protocol with easy as pie polling features is coming to a Pinkcoin wallet near you. To get pre-gamed for this upgrade be sure to update to the new wallets. This update is mandatory as well as a pre-cursor to additional upgrades already in the pipeline including: Flash-Proof-of-Stake 2.0 (detailed below) that will soon be implemented, along with a new-to-crypto voting system, kick-starting cutting-edge decentralized development features unique only to PINK.

To close out the Voice of Blockchain festivities the PINK crew shared farewell wishesDSC_0039 with new friends, made final hugs to the crypto fam, traded contact info, marked calendars for the date of the next gathering honing in on new opportunities to collaborate alongside the plethora of other exceptional crypto organizations. With the pleasure of shaking the hands of so many crypto all-stars throughout August’s final weekend comes the thrill of brainstorming alongside a handful of them afterwards. Pinkcoin is hashing out the details of what will hopefully grow into lasting new partnerships for the coming year. Expect great things to come from the coin reshaping grassroot campaigns; be sure to update to the wallets and stay tuned to the Great Pink Buffalo for more exciting news to follow.

Flash Proof-of-Stake (2.0)

by Caligo

What is FPOS 2.0?

Flash POS is a POS system that activates for 4 preselected hours each day and features a block discovery rate that is 6x the normal POS rate. The Flash POS 2.0 update increases the input requirements for finding a block to 100,000 PINK and adds stake control features to the wallet.

What is the reason for the FPOS 2.0 update?

To increase gamification opportunities for POS and FPOS block minters, increase network stability during FPOS periods, reduce network weight during POS periods to improve staking potential for smaller holders, reduce CPU, Memory, and Hard Disk access load for FPOS participants, and make POS control elements accessible to everyone.

How does the FPOS 2.0 update increase gamification opportunities for participants?

Each day 20,000 PINK is released through POS and 36,000 PINK is released through FPOS. Participating in FPOS means access to greater daily rewards, but at the expense of accumulated network weight associated with staking 100,000 PINK inputs. This reduction of weight for FPOS participants has the effect of relieving pressure on the POS system, improving opportunities for people not participating in FPOS to stake and potentially making it more profitable per coin to participate in POS over FPOS, depending on how many coins are dedicated competing for FPOS blocks. Converting coins to target FPOS is trivial as competitors will have far less accumulated age compared to POS participants, meaning that a person can quickly target FPOS and become competitive for blocks under the system. If it becomes more profitable to target POS over FPOS due to heavy competition for FPOS blocks, converting back to targeting POS blocks is non-trivial, as established participants targeting POS blocks will have the advantage of increased input age which significantly increases their competitive advantage over other POS participants that are newly targeting those blocks – individuals retargeting from FPOS to POS will have to wait several weeks before their coins reach potential under the POS system, in which time it may again become more profitable to target FPOS over POS.

How does the FPOS 2.0 update increase network stability during FPOS periods?

Because every FPOS 2.0 participant is guaranteed to be heavily invested and have significant financial interest in competing with their peers for FPOS blocks, creating an incentive for them to invest in a level of network connectivity and hardware that will be most successful during Flash Periods where the block rate has been significantly increased.

How does the FPOS 2.0 update reduce computing requirements for FPOS participants?

Traditionally, maintaining small UTXOs within the wallet is the optimal strategy for staking. This can be significantly cumbersome for large holders who must maintain thousands of UTXOs within their wallet in order for their coins to compete on equal ground with smaller holders. This can lead to wallet lag and freezing, block orphaning, and much higher computing requirements for large coin holders compared to smaller holders.

How does FPOS 2.0 help smaller holders?

Currently large holders dominate the network and make it difficult for smaller holders to achieve successful stakes on the network. By incentivizing large holders to target FPOS, we reduce network weight pressure during POS periods, creating a greater opportunity for everyone to successfully stake POS blocks.


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Mandatory Critical Update: v2.2.0.3 Emergency Update

Caligo CTO – A malicious entity discovered a vulnerability that allowed them to build off blocks deeper in the chain than our best BlockHeight and have them be accepted by the network, allowing them to orphan small handfuls of blocks off the top of the chain. We’re doing what we can using checkpoints right now, but we need everyone to update asap. Update takes effect at 9/19 at 7am UTC. This update adds the following consensus rules- If a block has been accepted by the network for at least two minutes and its spacing compared to previous blocks is within tolerable limits, that block and all of the blocks that it builds on are solidified in the chain and miners/stakers that build on blocks earlier than this will no longer be considered as alternatives by the network. This update takes effect on Wednesday September 19th, 2018 at 7am UTC. Everyone is advised to update before then or you will fork from the chain when these types of attacks occur. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your time and understanding. Note: No coins have been lost, this update should not require a resync. This is the primary cause behind all the recent orphans.


Step 1: Make a back-up of your wallet.dat

Step 2: Close your Pinkcoin wallet.

Step 3: Download the bootstrap from our website (

Step 4: Press Windows Key + R

Step 5: Type in %appdata%\pink2

Step 6: Delete everything in that folder except wallet.dat and stake.dat

Step 7: Create a text file called: pinkconf.txt

Step 8: Paste the following in the text file: 

Step 9: Unzip the bootstrap file and drop all files in the pink2 folder.

Step 10: Re-open your Pinkcoin wallet, and let it sync all the way.

Step 11: Once your wallet is fully synced, close your Pinkcoin wallet.

Step 12: In the pink2 folder delete the pinkconf.txt you created earlier.

Step 13: Open up your wallet again and you should be ready.


Step 1: Help > Debug Window > Console (In your Pinkcoin wallet)

Step 2: In the console enter the following command: clearwallettransactions

Step 3: Now your wallet should have everything reset (DONT freak out your coins are NOT gone, just not visible)

Step 4: Enter the following command in the console: scanforalltxns (This might take awhile, depending on your connection)

Step 5: You coins should be back after it’s fully rescanned.

(Updated title from v2.2.0.2 to v2.2.0.3 & added trouble shooter)

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PINK Lights Up the Gaming Scene Launching Headlamp.with.Pink

(Cover Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

The renown coding Clydesdale of PINK’s core-team, a cavalier of the modern age, Tranzium, dishes out yet another entree best served hot. Just when you thought there was no other way to donate–from the brilliance that brought you Donate4Life,, Autoview, Pink Wars, and so much more–comes the new revolution in tipping: Headlamp.with.Pink! Now, at the tips of your fingers, the PINK fam is just one chrome extension away from sharing unused computer power to mine Pinkcoin for any of our favorite Twitch streamers.

Screenshot 2018-08-04 17.06.09
Screenshot 2018-08-04 16.57.36

Screenshot 2018-08-04 18.25.52Simply visit Headlamp.with.Pink to download the extension and click start!  No hassles, no headaches, just another way crypto is changing the name of the game. To withdraw donations click “Your Account,” enter in the PINK address you’d like to withdraw to, and press “Withdraw.” That’s it. Simple solutions fast tracking altruistic support to everyone; mine Pinkcoin for your friends and family via Twitch! Additional details on this cutting edge new way to donate can be found by visiting:


“The hottest chrome extension to hit the markets since the Fourth Age! Tip PINK to your favorite Twitch streamers by mining with spare processing power. Micro tip, macro impact!”

Tranz2 Headlamp Meme

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GOT PINK (Episode 1)

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The Great Pink Buffalo Holds PINK Fundraiser in Support of Sophie Cornellier

A few days ago, on Pinkcoin’s official discord channel, a community member came forward with a noble question for the community:
“A friend of mine (Sophie Cornellier) was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, she’s a Canadian citizen but she’s living in Puerto Rico on a sailboat. As everybody knows, treatments for cancer in the US are ridiculously expensive 6 treatments would be around 76,000 USD. Since she has been out of Canada for more than 6 month, she is not admissible for free healthcare, and furthermore, she can’t get out of Puerto Rico because of her state of health. So she’s stuck having to pay for her treatments out of her own pocket. Some friends created a GoFundMe page for her, but then I remembered about Pinkcoin, and was wondering if there’s anything this community can do to help.” -CryptoSailor
We here at Pinkcoin say there is definitely something we can do to help. As such, The Great Pink Buffalo will be hosting a PINK donation address for Sophie Cornellier. For the next 3 weeks donations will be collected, and at the end of the first donation drive the donated coins will be purchased OTC and converted into funds to be sent to Sophie’s GoFundMe page. As Sophie will be needing ongoing treatments for up to a year, the donation address will be live during that timeframe and any donations sent will be immediately forwarded to accounts set-up by Sophie to receive them. As of today Sophie’s GoFundMe page has raised 1/10th of the total needed for her to
31394864_15318416960_rreceive life saving treatments for her cancer. Lets show her that great PINK generosity that makes difficult obstacles to overcome, completely disappear. If you’d like to participate and change somebody’s life for the better today, Send PINK donations or set your Pinkcoin desktop wallets to side-stake to:
(even the smallest donation, or just a tiny fraction of your side-stakes–any amount–will help Sophie reach her goals of putting cancer behind her)
Sophie 3
More details on Sophie Cornellier’s unfortunate predicament can be found via her GoFundMe page (translated from French):

Sophie’s Fight Against the Crab

Sophie Cornellier, “aka captain of S/V Mångata”, received a first diagnosis of breast cancer less than a month ago. At first, she’s been told that it was stage 2, possibly 3. We can’t waste any time, it must be investigated: biopsy, MRI, markers…

Sophie, a warrior, decided to go for the bi-lateral mastectomy. She don’t want to take any chance. Lets remove that crab! The tattoo that will cover the scars is already chosen.

The surgery was planned for July 11th or 13th.

Monday July 10th, she met with the oncologist. News was not good. Impossible to go to surgery now.

The diagnosis is more precise. It is HER2 positive breast cancer. It is very aggressive, fast spreading and the possibility that there is cancer cells spreading in all her body is highly considered. Many tumors have appeared in the last weeks. The axilla nods are affected, the mass in her left breast is big, the right breast have at least 3 sites that will need to be followed every 4-6 months… It will take chemotherapy, something she did not want at first. The regimen that is proposed is the most up-to-date, the most effective treatment. It is called TCHP. It involves 6 cycles of injections in a Mediport that brings the meds directly into her hearth. After, depending on the response of the tumor, surgery might be possible.

The cost for the pre-adjuvant treatment, as it is called, is 76K$US.

Sophie is from Québec. She is born in Québec, grew up there, studied, worked, she pays her taxes, her 2 kids are born there. So… Why on hearth she doesn’t come to Québec to be treated, where it would be free? Why does she stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the medical fees are so high?

The reason is that Sophie left the province of Québec for more than 183 days in a row and she is not outside the province to study, work or to do an internship. She is not anymore admissible to the provincial medical insurance (RAMQ) for now and the delay to be admissible is 3 months following her return. But, even before she comes back, she needs to find an oncologist that will accept to take her as a patient, will made all the recommendations to the RAMQ and will accept to follow the regiment that is already in place with the team in Puerto Rico. All this has to be done fast and most of all, we can not skip a cycle. Every treatment must be administered every 21 days. During that 3 months, she will have to cover the fees anyway.

And by the way, it is a misconception to think that the fees in Puerto Rico are more expensive, on the contrary, they are similar to the costs that are charged in Quebec for the same treatment.

But the main reason is that her condition doesn’t allow her to travel right now. It is simple, her oncologist won’t let her travel outside the territory of Puerto Rico in her actual condition.

Our only solution is to pay the fees on American soil. No other choice.

Sophie has a very good mood. She believes in her chance to be cured, even if this crab is going fast. She will go faster, she’s a fighter. The team who took her in charge is amazing and they are trying to help her as much as they can. She’s having great friends surrounding her and helping her. As a good fighter and warrior, she will defeat this crab.

After the 6 treatments, there should be surgery, followed by herceptin to complete a full year of treatment. All this together will bring the bill higher…

We would like to get 50K$ to start. We don’t ask that all the fees be covered, but it is impossible to pay the total amount without loosing everything.

That’s why this Go Fund Me page has been created.

It can be 5$, 10$ or 500$, all your donations are welcome. Together, we can reach and even surpass the goal and help save her life.

Thanks for acting quickly… Faster than the spreading of the crabs in her body. And please, share this page in all your network and on social medias. Sophie would help if it was you… those who know her, know that…

>> UPDATE <<

As of August 16th, 11,093 PINK has been raised and $100 CAD has been sent. The Great Pink Buffalo will continue accepting donations for 3 more weeks and will send out more CAD at that time.


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1,000,000 PINK Anonymously Donated to Donate4Life, Launching New Community Pool

New Pool will Stake out Rewards to Digital Citizen Fund. Plus Details on the Humanitarian Pool’s Latest Addition: The Connected Foundation

pink community photoYou heard that right, 1,000,000 PINK has been donated anonymously to Donate4Life establishing a new Community Pool. At the donors request the Community Pool will side-stake directly to the Digital Citizen Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has helped over 10,000 Afghan students graduate, providing tens of thousands more students in developing countries with access to the internet. As of today Donate4Life‘s newest pool has side-staked an astounding 70,142 PINK–worth roughly $1000 at current exchange rates–directly to a wallet set up and controlled by the Digital Citizen Fund. For more information on the outstanding good nature provided by this driven, generous, and technology accommodating organization, visit

The Digital Citizen Fund helps girls and women in developing countries gain access to technology, virtually connect with others across the world, and obtain necessary skills to succeed in today’s expanding global market. We create IT Centers, provide digital literacy tools (such as computers, smartphones, tablets) and educational programs for women and children in developing countries. Technology can support human talent to tackle the urgent social needs of women throughout Afghanistan and globally. Providing underserved populations with a pathway to digital literacy, sustainability, and community building can transform the societies in which they live for the better.Digital Citizen’s Fund

If that wasn’t enough more altruistic news is coming up: the Humanitarian Pool has begun side-staking to The Connected Foundation!


The Connected Foundation is a U.S. based 501C3 not-for-profit public charity whose mission is to connect and develop people and communities through innovative psychological services, financial and technical literacy programs and community partnerships with likeminded individuals and companies in an effort to level the playing field in order to change the world. – Connected Foundation

PINK’s very own superstar, Elypse, sat down to talk with Connected Foundation to ask how they and Pinkcoin can work together to better this world, and this is what they had to say:

1. What change will your project achieve with this partnership with Pink? -Elypse

The partnership between Connected Foundation and Pinkcoin will help fund the implementation of Connected Foundation’s FIN-TECH-LIT program. The FIN-TECH-LIT program teaches technical and financial literacy to the most in need kids. The comprehensive program will teach the basics of money, such as how to create a bank account, and the more complex concepts of investing, and using cryptocurrency. The FIN-TECH-LIT program is designed to teach these kids about money and technology so they can create financial freedom for themselves, their families and their communities. -Connected Foundation

2. Where will this project take place? -Elypse

The Connected Foundation’s FIN-TECH-LIT pilot program will begin this summer at the Cardozo Educational Campus, located in Washington, D.C., and will be expanding to other area schools in the fall. The FIN-TECH-LIT program will provide the necessary hardware to each kid, and give him or her the educational tools needed to take control of their financial future. The long-term goal for the Connected Foundation is to bring its FIN-TECH-LIT program to every community in the country. -Connected Foundation

Welcome to the Pinkcoin Family and we look forward to growing with your organization as it strives to help people and bring a positive impact to many lives. -Elypse

As of today, a game-changing haul of over 440,000 PINK, valued at upwards of $5,000, has been rewarded to a wallet owned and operated by Connected Foundation. In support of PINK’s latest long lasting partnership, the Humanitarian Pool will continue side-staking rewards to the Connected Foundation indefinitely. You can find out more information about The Connected Foundation and Connected Psychology at and

close3 pink

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PINK Dives into Prestigious Multi-Coin Pool Hosted by Stake United

Plus Details on Pinkcoin’s Recent Addition to CryptoBridge, Xchange, LiteBit, CoinSwitch, and SouthXchange


giphy1Are you one to dab your toe into a pool to test the waters? Do you apply that mantra to your crypto investments? Has it been getting on your nerves that it takes forever to stake rewards quickly unless you throw in more than you’re willing to risk right then? Well fret no more, thanks to the innovative dreamers over at Stake United, Pinkcoin hodlers can now safely and securely pool their coins together and stake collectively as one unit–automatically splitting the rewards amongst each other. Forget about waiting weeks for your coin weight to build up before stakes start streaming in, use Stake United to begin earning rewards within days.


Pinkcoin is also proud to announce it’s addition to some of the most esteemed exchanges around. Trade PINK using the decentralized advancements of CryptoBridge, effortlessly exchange EUROS directly into PINK using LiteBit, stock up your PINK bags while enjoying the swift and secure utilities of Xchange, trade PINK alongside 45,000+ other crypto-pairs with CoinSwitch, or enjoy the safe and mobile friendly services of SouthXchange. Thanks to these great additions, it has never been easier to trade and stake with PINK than it is right now. Join the PINK community today!

Screenshot 2018-05-24 18.21.55